Spring: A delightful season

March 17, 2022

Summer, autumn and winter have passed and a new season has come. A season of new beginnings.

While I am still thinking March is slowly sneaking around us, it’s already half a month away. What a delightful and great season ahead. The air starts to lose its winter chill and welcomes warmer sunlight rays on everything. The natural word revives after a long long cold winter months. Spring is a time for plants to begin to grow again, new seedlings sprout out of the ground and hibernating animals awake. No more depression, cold or cabin fever. Soon, we will be all out in the yards, cleaning out the bushes and getting our garden ready for planting.


I love the smell of spring. It’s just the smell of something fresh and joyful. And, I love mornings in the springtime. It’s time I can step outside without freezing my feet off. It’s time to hear the birds chirping along and see the flowers blooming all around. Roasted coffee is in the making, and while waiting for it, I already cut some blue lilac for my kitchen table decor. 

Take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful days ahead.

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