November Journal: The Smell Of Apples

November 14, 2021

Fall colors. Pumpkins. Green pears. And Red apples.

November sneaked in silently, with rain and fallen leaves. You can feel the change in the air, you can hear the crispy leaves blown away as cars are passing by on the streets. We are in the midst of cool crisp days, white mists, and mother nature recklessly sprinkles the whole pallet of tones through hills, fields and woodlands.

There are many aromas to take in this season. The spicy and hot scent of cinnamon sticks. The musky sweet smell of a leaf pile. The scent of candy notes just revived after a busy Halloween day. The woody scent of cedar. Warm smoke from fireplaces. All the scents blended together into one cozy and fresh, like a greeting from your favorite old friends coming at the same time. 

My eyes focused on a huge carton of red apples that were just freshly harvested in the orchard. Here is one, here is two and then three and four and the apples continue to fall like rain onto the carton box. And that was when I realize here is the fall of my life. Wandering through the apple trees on a trip to Apple Hill revokes the memories of delicious food mom made during the season. This is apple pie; this is an apple baked with pie dough leftover. There is apple cider that my mom poured into a pitcher and put in the middle of the kitchen table. The warming, cozy scents that you imagine how it would be in fall have arrived, in my old house. The stove is on, and people will be right here in a few minutes. The scent of family bonding.

How has your fall season been going so far?

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