Christmas Cookie Box

December 27, 2021

An easy cookie box that combines all the easy and simple cookie recipes, makes it a perfect homemade Christmas gift!

Nothing that excites me more than holiday baking. No matter what they are, cookies, brownies or cakes, baking them at home on such cold days has usually put me in a mood for festive holidays. The aroma of seasonal spices, the glistening light from candles, and the sparkling color of ornaments hanging in a christmas tree comes together at the moment, while I just finished baking the last batch of cookies. When it comes to this season, I can never feel more grateful than being able to see our families and spending time together. It’s the true magic of holidays.

This cookie box is not as big as you think, it just included 6 simple easy cookie recipes and I am pretty sure that it would take you less than 1 hour to whip them up. Let’s go through it!

True Classic Sugar Cookies

A Fruity, Jammy Note like Thumbprint Cookies

Little Warming Spice from Snickerdoodles

Festive Star-shaped Cookies  (aka Cut-out Sugar Cookies)

Winter Spiced Cookies 

Too Good To Be True Chocolate Espresso Sugar Cookies 


Here is how to box the cookies for Christmas (even if you want to send them): 

  • Wait until the cookies cool completely before wrapping them
  • Wrap the cookies with parchment paper or holiday cellophane bags. I usually wrap cookies around with ribbons to make them look festive and fun.
  • Pick a box, paper or wooden and line it with parchment paper or bubble wrap to prevent the cookies from moving
  • Fill the box with cookies and separate them with a paper card if you want, then seal it. You can add a tag and decorate with ribbons, twine, mini pinecones or dried orange slices for a festive outside look!
  • Place your box into another bigger cardboard box, lined with other bubble wrap to protect the cookies and seal the box with tape.

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