Cheers to 2022: Happy New Year

December 30, 2021

And just like that, a year has passed. Wrap up 2021 and cheers to 2022!

There are no more busy days than the end of the year. While people are trying to reach the target, finish their work or set their goals for the new year, I am right here to look back on 2021 and feeling grateful for what we’ve had together.

What a year it has been. An exciting, challenging one with lots of changes in my life. But I am glad that I made it through and hope that you did the same.

A year that all my gratitude has been dedicated to. I learned how to go through insecurities not only by myself but with other beloved ones. I learned that life is short and fragile, and all you have to do is to enjoy it the most. I learned how to forgive as it will give me peace of mind. I learned that we should give more than take. I learned that happiness doesn’t always mean big. Sometimes, it’s as simple as still having our family and a place to come back.

My parents are not here to celebrate holidays with me. When I think about this, let’s just say there have been more than a few outbursts of tears in completely random situations and through the phone calls between my parents and I. Luckily, I still have my husband and family in law, my aunties, uncles and cousins who always help me get through homesickness. I could never feel grateful for anything more than this. This year, I know that I have become a better person than I used to be. 

So, here are a few glasses of red wine to greet 2022. Welcome a new year with a brave heart but still grateful and proud looking back on 2021.

Thank you so much for following along and being such an amazing support. Wish you a new year filled with health, joy and love.


Thu Nguyen x

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