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I’m Thu, a mid 20s lady who loves everything that has sugar and butter. I grew up most of my life in the southern area of Vietnam, which has a deep, rich food culture that focuses on a variety of exotic ingredients and the celebration of diverse cuisine. At the age of 25, I decided to leave everything behind, including the protected nest of mom and dad and start my new life in the U.S, a country with so many opportunities and challenges. It was such a hard decision, at least for me. Since I moved here without my parents, having to do everything on my own, like cooking, makes me feel homesick. I grew up watching my mom standing next to the island table preparing food for my whole family. The days that my mom and I made food together, the moments I took those cookies out of the oven, freshly baked are truly my happiest childhood memories. I’ve never thought of one day I have to say goodbye to her and start a new life myself in a different country, which means there is no longer mommy’s food…


Those were hard days. We were told to stay at home for months while everything almost shut downed. Like many others, I was rattled by the panic buying at the beginning of the pandemic and had to cook all the food myself.  Although I asked my mom about the recipes so many times, I’ve never written it down to save them. So, COVID-19 has had my mind changed quickly and Her Dreamy Kitchen Blog was created in the middle of spring days to chronicle all my mom’s recipes online, in words and images.


“Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.” – Andrew Zimmern

Kitchen is the heart of a home. So, if someone invites you to their kitchen, they invite you to see their heart. 

Her Dreamy Kitchen is a small, little place where I can share with you not only recipes but also my thoughts and my emotions, in both words and images. Like Andrew said, “life happens in the kitchen”. So, when I invite you to come over my blog, I want you to see who I truly am. I am a person who loves food, loves to cook and bake and loves to share with you the magic and beauty of food. Through my food photography, I want to share not just the food but also the story behind the dish as well as the emotion being felt at the table. A picture can keep moments from running away and sometimes, bring memories that you may probably be smiling when looking back at it back.

Now, come on in to my place, pull up a seat, grab a bite and let’s catch up!

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